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Repeat Offenders (Acoustic)
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Repeat Offenders (Acoustic):
Randy Robbins - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mike Washor - Electric Guitar
Keith Simmons - Bass (trks 1, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Mike McKenney - Djembe, Background Vocals (trks 4 & 10)
Kate Nightingale - Background Vocals (trk 12)

01. Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix
02. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits (Mark Knopfler)
03. Love Makes You Fee Ten Feet Tall - Velvet Underground (Lou Reed)
04. Loving Cup - Rolling Stones (Jagger/Richards)
05. Drive - Incubus (Boyd/Einziger/Kilmore/Katunich/Pasillas)
06. Mirage - Randy Robbins
07. Simple Twist of Fate - Bob Dylan
08. Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix
09. Ain't Wasting Time No More - Allman Brothers Band
10. Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones (Jagger/Richards)
11. Johnny B Goode/Get Out of Denver - Chuck Berry/Bob Seger
12. Shades of Red - Randy Robbins
13. Talk Tonight - Oasis (Noel Gallagher)
14. Just Like a Woman - Bob Dylan
15. A House is Not a Motel - Love (Arthur Lee)
16. Castles Made of Sand - Jimi Hendrix

Bold as Love (Jimi Hendrix):

Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan):